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BS 476-6:1989+A1:2009 fire...
BS 476-7:1997 Classificati...
BS 476-20:1987 fire resist...
BS ISO 4589-2:2006-06
NF P 92-501: M classificat...
NF P 92-503: M classificat...
NF P 92-504: Speed of spre...
ASTM E 662: Smoke density ...
ASTM E 648 Flooring test
ASTM E 162: surface flamma...
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Rolling Stock Component
Rolling Stock Component
Fire resistance of fire barriers according to EN 45545-3 (E45/EI30) 2021-12-24
Rubber and plastic insulation products German DIN5510-2 standard fire retardant test 2014-2-1
Epoxy adhesive products for EN45545-2 R1 fire and toxicity test 2014-2-1
BS6853 Fire safety standard_subway interior materials BS6853 Standard Test 2013-10-31
The hand lay-up FRP composite material SMC Germany DIN5510-2 burning and toxicity test 2013-10-23
Construction material
Construction material
NF P92-503: M classification(French Standard) 2021-12-30
NF P92-501: M classification(French Standard) 2021-12-28
ASTM E 648 Flooring test 2010-7-29
ASTM E 162: surface flammability test 2010-7-29
ASTM E 84 test method for surface burning 2010-7-29
Marine material
Marine material
IMO FTPC Part 1: Non-combustibility test 2010-7-29
IMO FTPC Part 2: Smoke and toxicity test 2010-7-29
IMO FTPC Part 5: Test for surface flammability 2010-7-29
IMO FTPC Part 6: Test for primary deck coverings 2010-7-29
IMO FTPC Part 7: Test for textiles 2010-7-29
Aircraft material
Aircraft material
BSS 7239:Toxicity 2010-8-17
Bombardier SMP 800-C: Toxicity 2010-8-17
Motor vehicle
Motor vehicle
European Directive: 95/28/EC 2010-8-17
Flammability of automotive interior materials GB 8410-2006 2010-8-17
Firefighting Device
Firefighting Device
LPCB 2010-8-17
E& E equipment
E& E equipment
France Standard NF F 16-102:1992 2010-8-17
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