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BS 476-20:1987 fire resist...
BS ISO 4589-2:2006-06
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Home   Train   NF F 16-101:1988/NF F 16-102:1992 France Standard

NF F 16-101:1988/NF F 16-102:1992 France Standard

France Standard NF F 16-101:1988/NF F 16-102:1992

NFF16-101: Railway Rolling Stock Fire Behavior Choice of Materials

NFF16-102: Railway Rolling Stock Fire Behavior Choice of Materials-Electrical Equipment


NF F 16-101:1988 the main Fire test standard

NF P 92-501

Epiradiateur flammability test-Hard material and the thickness more than 5mm

NF P 92-503

Electrical burner test used for flexible materials of thickness not exceeding 5mm

NF P 92-504

Flame spread test

NF F 92-505

Droplet test

EN ISO 4589-2

Oxygen index test

EN 60695-2-11

Glow wire test

NF X 10-702

Density of smoke

NF X 70-100


NF C 32-070

Cable fire test

UIC 562-2 Annex A

Seat fire test


NF F 16-101:1988 the main concerns

M Classification : M0-M4 (the combined results of NFP 92-501NFP 92-503NFP 92-504NFP 92-505 lead to the classification)

I Classification:  I0-I4 (the combined results of EN ISO 4589-2EN60695-2-11 lead to the classification)

F Classification: F0-F5 (the combined results of NFX 70-100NFX 10-702 lead to the classification)


Application NF F16-101/NF F 16-102 Fire testing materials

Rubber ProductRubber seal

Ceiling Covering

Walling Covering

TextileNon-woven fabrics CurtainCurtainAdumbral Product

Seat shellSeat trim

Flooring CoveringPVC Flooring covering

CableCable tieCable tube

Foam materialSpongeMelamine Foam


FRP composite materialsSMC sheet

Braided hoseHose protection

Windowdoor framework

Small parts

ConnectorConnected equipment

pipecorrugate pipeHeating pipeCooling pipe

Other materials


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