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Fire standard
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Construction fire te
CE Certification for Gexte...
CE Certification for Gexte...
CE Certification for Const...
CE Certification for Polym...
CE Certification for Gexte...
CE Certification for Gexte...
CE Certification for Gexte...
CE Certification for Gexte...
CE Certification for Gexte...
CE Certification for Geote...
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BS 476-6:1989+A1:2009 fire...
BS 476-7:1997 Classificati...
BS 476-20:1987 fire resist...
BS ISO 4589-2:2006-06
NF P 92-501: M classificat...
NF P 92-503: M classificat...
NF P 92-504: Speed of spre...
ASTM E 662: Smoke density ...
ASTM E 648 Flooring test
ASTM E 162: surface flamma...
Laboratory More>>
Exova-UKAS 0249
BASF(EBA: -012/07/10
Exova-UKAS 0249
Emission of Smoke, Halogens and Toxi 2022-1-19
ASTM E84 Test Method for surface bur 2021-12-31
NF P92-501: M classification(French 2021-12-28
EN 45545-2:2020 EU Standard Fire Tes 2021-12-27
GB 8624-2012 Classification for burn 2021-12-27
Fire resistance of fire barriers acc 2021-12-24
GB 8624 Classification for burning b 2018-6-4
Cables and Wires Accord to UN/ECE R1 2018-1-9
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Railway vehicle Building material Marine material Furniture Aircraft material Motor vehicle Other test
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EN 13501-1/EN 9239-1/EN 13823/EN
EN ISO 1716/EN1716
EN ISO 11925-2/EN11925-2
EN ISO 13823: single burning ite
ISO EN 1182 Non-combustibility t
EN ISO 9239-1:2010 floor-coverin
EN ISO 9239-1:2010/EN9239-1
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EN ISO 9239-1:2010 floor-coverin
ISO EN 1182 Non-combustibility t
EN ISO 13823: single burning ite
EN ISO 11925-2/EN11925-2
EN ISO 1716/EN1716
EN 13501-1/EN 9239-1/EN 13823/EN
DIN 5510/DIN5510-1/DIN5510-2/DIN
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Smart Product Se
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Application of flame retarda
Flame Retardant
Flame Retardant Overview
Flame retardant mechanism
The type of flame retardant
Aluminum hydroxide
Halogen-free flame retardant
      Standard list for fire test
British France Germany USA EU China Italy Japan ISO IMO
Exhibition More>> 
 ·The 11th International Exhibition on Tra... 2012-3-1
 ·The 8th China International Rail Transit... 2012-3-1
 ·The 5th China International Flame Retard... 2010-8-4
 ·16th China International Composites Indu... 2010-8-4
 ·CRTS China 2010 the 6th China Internatio... 2010-8-4
 ·2010 Berlin International Railway Techno... 2010-8-4
 · The 4th China (Nantong) International S... 2010-8-4
 ·The 21th China (Shanghai) International ... 2010-8-4
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News More>> 
 ·The Polish railway market Concentr... 2021-11-2
 ·Chinese Rolling Stock Manufacturer... 2012-4-24
 ·Fire resistance_BS476-20 Fire resi... 2012-3-1
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 Regulations More>> 
 ·Emission of Smoke, Halogens and Toxicity... 2022-1-19
 ·ASTM E84 Test Method for surface burning... 2021-12-3
 ·NF P92-503: M classification(French Stan... 2021-12-3
 ·NF P92-501: M classification(French Stan... 2021-12-2
 ·EN 45545-2:2020 EU Standard Fire Testing... 2021-12-2
 ·GB 8624-2012 Classification for burning ... 2021-12-2
 ·Asia spearheads high-speed growth 2010-7-29
 ·the economic stimulus packages 2010-7-29
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