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BS 5852:Furniture Test

BS5852 is a British furniture fire safety standards, content requirements of its standard degree than the U.S. standard should be strict and more specifically with velvet and wooden as a testing tool, a total of four part test, usually only test the first two parts, the main test cigarette and use of acetylene flame simulation test matches, there to see damage length, basically using the vertical burning lighters in the textile surface 20 seconds after leaving the flame the flame goes off on a few seconds can basically up to standard.

1.Schedule 4 part 2 - Furniture of cigarette test: see the cover and the filler surface

Test method: Modified BS5852 part I (ignition sources 0)

2. Schedule 5 part 3 - no visible surface of the flame test coverage
Test method: BS5852 part I (fire 1)

3. Schedule1 Part 1 - to cushion the polyurethane foam material flammability test components
Method: BS5852 part 2 (fire 5)

4. Schedule1 Part 2 - component polyurethane foam debris type material flammability test
Test method: BS5852 part 2 (fire source 2)
5. Schedule1 Part 3 - rubber latex foam material flammability tests |

Test method: BS5852 part 2 (fire 2

6.Schedule 2 Part 1 - non-flammable foam filler material testing
Test method: BS5852 part 2 (fire source 2)
7. Schedule 2 Part 2 - for mattresses, bed, cushion, and pillows than furniture flammability testing of composite fillings

Test method: BS5852 part 2 (fire 2) |

8. Schedule 2 Part 3 - the outermost layer of pillows and cushions covered cloth Combustible test
Test method: BS5852 part 2 (fire source 2)

9. Schedule 3 - furnishings inside the flammability test cloth

Furniture testing: BS5852 part 2: 1982 (fire 5)

10. Schedule 4 Part 1 - interior portfolio cigarette test: see the cover fabric and filling

Test method: Modified BS5852 part 1 (ignition sources 0)
11. Schedule 5 Part 1 - see the flame test cloth cover testing: BS5852 part 1 (fire 1)

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